i want to upgrade my medion akoya e7214

  jamesk014 03:49 14 Nov 2012

hi people james here. i have owned my medion akoya e7214 laptop for about two years now and its still as good as new other than the battery life. but i have been looking into upgrading parts of my laptop such as the processor and ram or even graphics. the only thing is im not so computer smart.. i have an ok understanding of most workings but knowing what i can and cant do and if i can whats the best way to go for the cheapest price but still see a difrence.

please help any help atal would be greatly apreciated as im planning on upgrading bofore xmas if possible.

thank you

  mgmcc 09:17 14 Nov 2012

Unlike desktop PCs, upgrading Laptops isn't generally an option. You may be able to increase the RAM, but that's probably all.

  northumbria61 10:22 14 Nov 2012

Fully agree with mgmcc - RAM and Hard Drive are upgradeable. In your case it is not worth thinking about as you readily admit you are not so computer smart. Opening up a laptop for for upgrade to anything other that that already mentioned is a Specialist job.

  Woolwell 11:16 14 Nov 2012

Is it W7 32 bit? I think that it already has 3Gb RAM and if it is 32bit then there isn't much point in putting extra RAM in as very little of the extra will be recognised. Upgrading other parts apart from the hard drive isn't on.

  jamesk014 13:11 14 Nov 2012

hi guys thanks for the replys.... and i understand what your saying and i know it wouldnt be a good idea to upgrade myself if i was going to i would get it done properly... but what i want to know is if this laptop is upgradeable...? im not really sure how to check or tell what is or not.

it is w7 32bit and i know this will only recognise any more than 4GB of ram and yes it has 3GB ram in it. is it hard to change to 64 bit?

please i know i sound like such a newbie about this but i honestly just want some insight on this topic rather than going on whati think to be right...


  jamesk014 13:14 14 Nov 2012

ow and sorry i forgot to mention yes i know i can upgrade ram but would that extra only 1Gb make much of a difrence? and there is an extra port for another internal hard drive but what about the cpu? and maybe changing to 64bit so i can up the ram more if its worth doing ?

  Woolwell 13:18 14 Nov 2012

Forget changing the CPU. It's not practical on a laptop. Similarly with the graphics.

  woodchip 13:29 14 Nov 2012

The Laptop would not warrant the upgrade as it will most likely also have a reasonable size hard drive, Graphics will be part of the motherboard

  northumbria61 14:49 14 Nov 2012

I you have a 64bit CPU you will be able to run 64bit software but you CANNOT upgrade from 32bit to 64bit - it would have to be a clean install. When you purchase Windows 7 it is supplied with 2 discs -1 x 32bit and 1 x64bit. You choose which to install.

  northumbria61 14:54 14 Nov 2012

To check if your CPU is 64bit right click Computer - Properties - System Type - that will give you the info.

  jamesk014 17:47 14 Nov 2012

its a 32bit ... and so far cpu and graphics are out the window acording to you guys... and i know 32bit only uses up to 4GB ram... so if i added an extra GB on ram what kinda difrence would that give me.. would it be notisable? and also when adding ram does it have to be the same brand ram cards if was only to replace one of two? or does it matter can i just put any 2GB ram in with the other existing 2GB ram no matter what brand or make?

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