I want to start selling Software...

  Z1100 23:00 03 Feb 2007

where the heck do I go to make a pitch for a deal on the software in the first place? Think small PC shop and more application than game.


ps; part of me thinks if I need to ask that I have no chance of making it work ;))

  PaulB2005 23:30 03 Feb 2007

Chances are you go to a Wholesaler for PC hardware / software who then sell you the software...

  PaulB2005 23:38 03 Feb 2007

See also click here

  Stuartli 00:00 04 Feb 2007

It seems to me that the main problem with selling software is that most computer users find that freeware offerings provide pretty well all that is required.

I can honestly say that, over many year, I've never handed over money for software or shareware that is readily available from freeware equivalent sources.

However, this would not necessarily apply to business type software.

  Pete-b 10:33 04 Feb 2007

Thanks for all the links to wholesale sites. These tend to want your cash to register. What I was looking for is an online facility that offers ,say boxes of 25 latest game titles for sale. Did you find anything similar?

  €dstowe 11:03 04 Feb 2007

The fact that you have had to come here for advice indicates that you need to do a huge amount more research into the viability of this venture.

Think carefully about it and try to gain some practical experience, perhaps in a software outlet, before investing your own money,

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