I want to sell my computer,how much do i sell it

  habs 19:45 11 Jul 2004

Please i need your advise.

I have tiny computer,3 years old.
pentium 4 ,1.7GHZ,1024 SDRAM memory, 19 inch CRT monitor, 4 USB2 card.

I want to sell my computer. How much do you think it worth, because i want to buy another computer.

Can you please tell me which one is better:
Dell Dimension 8400:£999
Mesh computer Matrix64 3400+ X-BPC.

Can you please give me your advise,which computer is better, because i am confused.

and i would to know which technical support ,and technical support is better.

Thank you for your help in advance.

  bremner 19:54 11 Jul 2004

Withreagrd to sale value click here and compare yours against similar spec systems.

As for the chioce between the Dell & the Mesh that will come down to personal preference - me I would have the Mesh.

Both have threads on here critising their after sales service - but the overwhelming majority of people buying from either have no problems and are happy with their purchases.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:57 11 Jul 2004

£300, possibly £350. Will you be using the new computer for gaming?


  stalion 20:00 11 Jul 2004

Best technical support is on here

  habs 21:24 11 Jul 2004

Hi guys

Thank you for all the reply i received from you.

For stalion:you are right,the best technical support is all of you.I had problems before you helped me so much.

Thank you again.

My kindest regards

  TommyRed 22:06 11 Jul 2004

I think what people are asking is what you will use the new PC for gaming, graphics editing or only surfing or word processing. This would determine what processor, graphics card or RAM etc you would need. HTH TR

  broggs 22:33 11 Jul 2004

My son bought a p3 pc off his cousin last week which has not been used from new(unwanted present). It came with monitor/printer/dvd drive/scanner/speakers.

Cost him a tenner.

  habs 23:11 11 Jul 2004

I would like to buy the new computer for gaming(delta force1,2,land warrior,task force dagger)command and conquer renegade etc..., internet,some graphic editing.

I like the pc from Dell dimension 8400, i don't know if somebody recommend me this pc, or the mesh computers Matrix 64 3400+ X-BPC

can you please recommend me which one to buy,and thank you for your help in advance

My kindest regards

  TommyRed 15:12 12 Jul 2004


  Diodorus Siculus 16:37 12 Jul 2004

I would go for the Mesh if you intend to do any upgrading; it tends to be more straightforward.

Having said that, I have no experience of current Dell machines and they may well be easily upgradeable.

  pj123 17:20 12 Jul 2004

You need to know what minimum price you would accept for it. Then stick it on eBay. I just sold a digital camera on ebay. My minimum price was £300, it went for £410.

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