I want to re-install xp on a Dell Mini

  ened 17:37 03 Nov 2012

I have a friend's little machine.

Apparently it went wrong and somebody (trying to help) installed win7 on it.

I need to install xp and have the disc and an external drive which is connected by usb. When I put the disc in during operation (incidentally there is NO spare space on the Hard Drive and only 1 gig of memory)the install option is blanked out.

I have changed the boot options to: Removable Device, then USB, then cd/dvd etc and finally main disc.

Whatever order I try it keeps booting to the main drive.

How on earth am I going to get this os back on this machine?

  northumbria61 18:10 03 Nov 2012

When I put the disc in during operation and the install option is blanked out.

There is insufficient space on the hard drive for you to install to - in your own words incidentally there is NO spare space on the Hard Drive

You need to boot from the XP CD already in the hard drive and NOT during operation You should get the option to format the hard drive before you continue to installation.

  ened 18:13 03 Nov 2012

Yes but how do I get it to boot to the cd?

  northumbria61 18:18 03 Nov 2012

You said you had changed the boot order options but did you SAVE and EXIT after you had done that in the BIOS? Normally F10

  ened 18:36 03 Nov 2012

definitely yes! What ever order I put them in it still boots to the main drive

  onthelimit1 18:42 03 Nov 2012

Try pressing 0 (zero) during boot - should take you a boot options screen

  northumbria61 18:43 03 Nov 2012

There should be some option to access a quick boot list and load the CD from there? Sometimes, it's F12 and sometimes it's some other key, depending on the model.

  northumbria61 18:55 03 Nov 2012

ened - Did you notice by any chance that the clock was displaying the correct time on the taskbar prior to this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 03 Nov 2012

Put XP onto a USB drive and install from USB see here

  ened 05:50 04 Nov 2012

northumbria61 "Did you notice by any chance that the clock was displaying the correct time on the taskbar prior to this?"

The clock was displaying the wrong time. What is the significance of this?

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Thank you for the link. I had already tried this but it kept giving me the blue screen with the message that Windows had been shut down etc. This was why I borrowed the dvd drive. If I can't get a resolution using the dvd drive then I shall persevere with this option.

northumbria61 Thank you. I have noticed a Quick Boot option so I shall try that when I get back onto it later.

  northumbria61 11:22 04 Nov 2012

Clock displaying wrong time - The CMOS battery provides a small constant power supply to the BIOS chip which in turn stores your boot sequence, but it appears your battery is either failing or dead. Once the main power is shut down the BIOS chip reverts back to the factory default settings which is most commonly the HDD first. This would account for you being unable to select the boot options that you require. You need to install a new CMOS battery which costs about £2 or less enter link description here

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