I want to play midi keyboard though my PC

  tallfish 09:20 20 Jul 2004

I recently was given an elderly Casio CPS700 midi keyboard...Ive connected it up to my Audigy2 soundcard...what software do I need to get the keyboard to play through my computer..Im a complete novice in this area.

  Terry Brown 10:03 20 Jul 2004

click here
Try this link, it may help you

  Sans le Sou 13:52 20 Jul 2004

Should run on the creative as long as its set to Midi. The older creative cards had lots of lovely soundfont banks to use. There is lots of software to create midi files with, suggest doing a Google for software and soundfonts.

  spuds 16:13 20 Jul 2004

For addons, try click here click here click here

  Indigo 1 16:57 20 Jul 2004

All you really need is built in, go to Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Audo tab and make a note of the settings under Midi Devices before you change them and well errrrm change them to one that works. You may also have to 'enable' midi too. You should have Creative Control Centre where midi can be enabled in the mixer settings.

  Peverelli 18:13 25 Jul 2004

How have you connected it to your soundcard?
If it's via the headphone socket to the card's line in then you'll be able to listen to the sounds (don't set the volume control on your keyboard too high).

If you want to 'transmit' the midi data then you'll need to connect a midi cable from the keyboard to the card. Usually the cable marked "In" is plugged in to the "Out" socket on the keyboard (& vice versa) as the "In" & "Out" on the cable refers to the PC.

If you wish to use your keyboard with a PC based sequencer then the midi cable option is necessary.

  Sans le Sou 18:19 25 Jul 2004

You can connect to the joystick/MIDI port with a connector you may have supplied with your Audigy.

  Dumble452 18:51 25 Jul 2004

I've got a Casio MT-750 and while it worked through the computer I found that it was not true General Midi i.e. not all the instuments came out with the right sounds. This link may be of help click here

  Peverelli 08:31 26 Jul 2004

You're correct in saying that the Casio MT-750 (along with most older keyboards) is not General Midi. The GM standard was brought in by Roland back in 1991 and it was another few years before all midi keyboard manufacturers adhered to this standard. It was most frustrating when I moved from a non-GM keyboard to a newer GM keyboard in the mid 90s and then finding I had to make a lot of changes to make the midi files "sound right".

By the way tallfish, if you want to download a free midi sequencer, here's one: click here

  tallfish 09:09 04 Aug 2004

Thanks to all for your help...im now up and running.

Regards to all Tallfish

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