I want new windows opening for each page....

  weeme 09:15 02 Sep 2004

This is driving me mad...How do I get a new window to open each time I click on a webpage? What happens just now is when I'm on my home page and I go to another web page, the window along the bottom of the screen (in the taskbar is it?) which was my home page becomes the new page I have selected instead of leaving a home page window open. The result is that when I close down this page I always forget that I also lose the original home page and then I am back to the desktop and I have to click on the Wanadoo icon to get back to the home page again. I used to have all the windows I had selected opening in a row along the bottom and I could have multiple windows open at a time. I would like this back please! Simple terminology please!

  Gongoozler 09:34 02 Sep 2004

I think what you are describing is the normal browser behavior. If you right click on a link, you should find the option to "Open in new window". You might also like to consider the Mozilla Firefox browser click here, where instead of a new window you can open as a new tab in the same window.

  keith-236785 09:55 02 Sep 2004

open "My Computer", click tools/folder options (in winxp), view/folder options in win98.

select view on the tabs at the top, in the browse folders section (on winxp), click on "open each folder in its own window" dont know if its any different on win98. but thats the sort of setting you are looking for.

apply and ok, that should solve it.

if not come back and we will try again

good luck

  cherria 09:56 02 Sep 2004

Hold down the shift key while clicking the link. This will open it in a new window assuming you are using IE

  esbe 15:24 02 Sep 2004

Hi, good tip cherria -thanks.

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