I want my task bar to show the date, instead of the time

  Trenny 09:51 12 Jan 2015

My Vista task bar shows the time only. Is it possible to have it showing the date instead (or as well)?

  alanrwood 10:06 12 Jan 2015

The taskbar can show both if you make it taller by dragging the top edge upwards. The problem is that it takes more space.

  alanrwood 10:07 12 Jan 2015

Also by pausing over the time it also displays the date in a pop up.

  Peter 10:39 12 Jan 2015


If you want to take up alanrwood's very good suggestion, to raise the task bar's height, but don't want to lose any screen real estate you could always set the task-bar to Auto Hide. When you move the cursor away from the task-bar it will automatically disappear and will re-appear when you move your cursor to the task-bar area.


  morddwyd 19:15 12 Jan 2015

There are also several free commercial programmes available.

Stoic Joker's Clock is one such, which I use myself.

  alanrwood 20:24 12 Jan 2015

It also depends on the size of text and the screen resolution. On one of my machines I have both date and time displayed on the single height taskbar. Play around with the resolution and text size settings and you might actually achieve what you want.

  Trenny 16:52 13 Jan 2015

Many thanks all. I have unlocked the taskbar and raised the height before relocking. Just what I want. There is an odd word alongside the various icons and above the date: 'teisipaev'. Is it russian? Any idea what this is. The laptop is a toshiba.

  morddwyd 19:31 13 Jan 2015

"It's Estonian for Tuesday."

The stuff you learn on these forums!

Don't suppose that'll come up in conversation very often.

I feel a pub quiz question cominh on!

  Trenny 09:37 17 Jan 2015

Many thanks for this. Sure enough I went through control panel and language settings and Estonian it is! It must have been there when I bought the laptop from John Lewis several years ago.

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