I Want to end it all....but how?

  lixdexik 17:52 25 Mar 2004

I have downloaded and installed END IT ALL 2 as advised by Pinnacle studio. I have read the instructions, I have selected the progs that can be closed down and I have protected the ones that need protecting, at least I believe I have..Anyway I am now ready to end it all..but how??? I cant see how to run the prog..there is no.. DO IT icon..there is no..GO icon...there is no start button...HOW DO YOU RUN THIS PROG??? There is as far as I can see, nothing in the help files to tell you how to start the thing off...no doubt I have missed the obvious, but it's not that obvious to me..

Please Help...I have to go out now for a few hours, so I wont beable reply quickly to any posts, I WILL reply though...

Cheers Lixdexik.

  JerryJay 18:02 25 Mar 2004

may be select a program and right click mouse to bring up selection, I am not to downlod program to try myself.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:04 25 Mar 2004

Not used this for a while but i think the last version i had there was a skull icon or somthing that u clicked on.


  JerryJay 18:12 25 Mar 2004

I was right so do another two replys. Just highlight the program you want to close, right mouse click and a menu will come up, one of them is Kill a Porgram, or you can just select and "Shit+Ctrl+K" to kill.

By the way, a lot of programs (processes) you should not kill because they are just part pf essential windows OS.

  leo49 18:19 25 Mar 2004

When I used it I just hit the Kill All button - anything that Windows needs won't close.Typically 4 or 5 processes refused to close.

I use the previous version of End It All.

I just click the 'End It All' button and all the unprotected processes stop and I then exit the program.

This version automatically selects the processes that should be protected, so no user input required, just run it, simple.

  edstowe 12:51 26 Mar 2004

EndItAll caused me great problems as it seemed to have difficulties coping with Wacom (graphics tablets) software.

As all my current machines have tablets attached, and as a newcomer to Pinnacle video systems, I decided to do it myself. We have had a fair amount of success so far. So, what we do is shut down screen savers, power management, all Internet browsers, Outlook (Express), mail checkers. We have already disabled auto updating of anything. What it seems Studio software dislikes is any changes to a system once it's doing its thing.

We were going to promote to Pinnacle Pro equipment but as the consumer stuff is so good, we're keeping with that for a while.

One problem we have with the Pinnacle software is that occasionally it comes up with a message "video stream contains unexpected data in front of sequence header" and then crashes. This is particularly frustrating as it doesn't do this until it has spent hours processing the information. It is a known problem with Studio software apparently and something which Pinnacle either can't or don't do anything about.

BTW, the Pinnacle support system is pretty useless and seems only able to give automated replies to questions different to the ones asked and also informs you that your computer is not suitable for using Studio 8 (I have, in fact, Studio 9 and my machine is well in excess of the minimum requirements for the software.)


  lixdexik 17:17 26 Mar 2004

Thanks for your input..it seems it just works..I will look for the end it all button and see what happens...failing that I will just select & close one at a time.

Thanks again...Lixdexik

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