I want DVI to HD but am confused about sound

  cocymsc 22:41 28 Jul 2008

I have a geforce card with a DVI output and am lookin to hook it up to my tv to play blu rays from the PC in HD on tele. I have the dvi to hd cable but this doesnt carry sound.

I was wondering how, on the HD channel i will be watching the films through, I get sound aswell. is it simlply a jack from the speaker output in the pc to red/white phono leads into the TV or is it more complicated? Will this bring the sound through on that particular channel?

i dont want sound through the pc speakers as they are on different side of the room

  woodchip 22:48 28 Jul 2008

You need sound cables to connect the sound card, With White Red and Black RCA plugs, Line out on Sound Card

  skidzy 22:48 28 Jul 2008

You need the audio cables (red and white) DVI does not carry audio like hdmi.

  woodchip 23:00 28 Jul 2008

I use DVI to HDMI but it needs sound cable to get sound

  skidzy 15:05 29 Jul 2008

Thats a new one on me,i did not think DVI was capable of audio.

  woodchip 15:56 29 Jul 2008

Its not, if it was mine would have it

  cocymsc 16:54 29 Jul 2008

its a 9800gtx. as far as i kno it wont carry sound. people are saying sound cables BUT if im watching it on a hdmi channel will the audio come through on it aswell? as in there are scart channels (av) s-videos and hdmi's but theyre all designed to have vid and sound carried in through their specific slots, so if i bring video in one slot and put a sound cable in a seperate slot they wont both b on the same channel will they? im not looking at buyin an ati card, iv asked pcworld guys , said i need a seperate surround sound thing to get it on that channel, n asked tv guys they said its not poss neither?

  cocymsc 17:36 29 Jul 2008

click here

click on specifications tab at the top

  cocymsc 17:47 29 Jul 2008

just looked on support on that tv page its there in plain english aswell. one of main questions. cheers!

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