I want to draw a dough-nut shaped Ring.

  Furkin 11:09 27 Oct 2008

I'm trying to make a circular light ring for photographic work.

I want to put LEDs on the inner face of the dough-nut shaped ring.

Am trying to draw a picture of a square section ring, at about 3/4 profile, to send to a mate.

I have WORD 2002. I have QUARK Express v7.2.

Does anyone know if I can draw such a thing with what I got ?

thanks for reading,,,,,,,,,


  howard64 11:22 27 Oct 2008

try looking on google then copy and paste what you found into word. Then alter it with the drawing prog in word.

  Covergirl 12:08 27 Oct 2008
  jolorna 12:21 27 Oct 2008

is this what your trying to make click here

  Furkin 13:23 27 Oct 2008

JOLORNA: Project 1 is similar - though I was thinking of a bit bigger. Thanks for the link tho' have saved it & it will come in handy.

COVERGIRL (!): Yep -Project 2 is pretty similar,,,, but the ring will need to be 'square section' (I think) to run the LEDs on the inner face (difficult to explain with the picture ?!)
I'm thinking of a ring about 12/14" diametre, with the LEDs facing towards the centre of the ring, for very close Macro work.
I'll have a look for square section on google now i've seen these - thanks.

HOWARD: as above, now that i've seen a few in Google, I can try there,,,, tho' i'm not 100% certain what i'm looking for (for eg: I wouldn't have thought of looking for TORUS (even tho' I was born in May ?!)

Food for thought folks - many thanks

PS: If you know what I ought to be asking/looking for, I'd be pleased to hear about it !


  Covergirl 21:38 27 Oct 2008

click here for one with rounded corners. Might have to stretch this one a bit. Of a toroidal shape . . .

Most of the ones on Google are for creating electrical coils. I thought that maybe your drawing program has options for one, or you might find something in the Help file?

  Furkin 12:05 28 Oct 2008

That's the one thanks (or near enough) for me to draw on what I want on the inner surface.

As you say, will need stretching a bit (>?!) but what does come in the right size ?

Ideally i'm looking for a ring of about 12" dia with a centre of about 10" dia, giving a box section of about an inch across.

I know a bit more what i'm looking for now,,,, thanks again

  hssutton 13:03 28 Oct 2008

Yhis has been discussed at length on the Worldphoto forum click here

Details of build and results are also shown, but they nowhere compete with a proper macro flash, or even a flashgun with a softbox attached

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