littlestan 18:41 28 Jun 2010

Hi everyone. I am so frustrated and totally lost as to what to do. My lappy is a nightmare to get onto the internet - I could cook a three course meal the time it takes. I have a HP G7000, and very little in the way of programmes. Have my pictures, itunes and my free software recommended from here.

My daughter has removed the start up icons as she said too much was running and blames my free security software - but my other daughter has it on hers, she has virtually no memory left on it but it opens onto anything at the speed of light.

So, by a process of elimination it must be something going on with my pc.

I have defragmented it - took 24 hours!

I have disk cleaned.

I have CCleaner.

I now give up. Once it eventually get onto the internet its not too bad but its that actual from desk top to launch is soooooooooo bad and so slow. I have used internet explorer 7 and also tried google chrome and firefox - all make no difference.

I am a complete novice and do not understand tecky speak and am terrified of unticking something that might mess things up even more. I am tired and frustrated and seems I must accept this snail of a thing. If no-one can help could anyone recommend where to take it to a trusted source in Bristol (UK) where I can hand the blasted thing over for someone to look at as I am lost as to what now to do and it gives me sleepless nights as this silly machine is one of my few pleasures in life - how sad! Thank you all in anticipation. LS

  birdface 18:52 28 Jun 2010

What security programs do you have.

  littlestan 18:55 28 Jun 2010

Hi buteman, I have superantispyware, spyware blaster, cc cleaner and avast. i believe my firewall is built into vista and is sufficient, so i haven't added another firewall.

  MAT ALAN 19:03 28 Jun 2010

The 24hr defrag issue may be to do with disc space, which i doubt is related to your problem..

Who is your service provider, what package do you have and has it always been slow...

  tullie 19:07 28 Jun 2010

Which startup items did your daughter stop?

  tullie 19:07 28 Jun 2010

Which startup items did your daughter stop?

  littlestan 19:11 28 Jun 2010

OK - yes I reckon it has always been slow. It is nearly 2 years old now and it has never been quick off the mark. If i shut it down completely it takes ages to load. My service provider is Virgin

  littlestan 19:14 28 Jun 2010

sorry - also my daughter closed down messenger, which I never use, icons for internet explorer,skype but it really hasnt done any good. only tryng to help but made little difference. There is plenty of memory and as i say everyone else in the family gets off to a cracking fast start.

  MAT ALAN 19:20 28 Jun 2010

everyone else in the family gets off to a cracking fast start.

Is this from the same lappy or are your PCs networked...

  littlestan 19:24 28 Jun 2010

hi mat alan - no they are all separate and just pick up the wifi - not networked. we have nothing flashy just basic stuff. my daughters visit and bring their laptops and off they go. thats why they can't understand how awful mine is. they have bags of stuff on theres, and have no problems and theirs are not high spect or anything.

  woodchip 19:25 28 Jun 2010

If you have your files backed up why not run the Factory Restore CD. if you have one F11 is to Restore the Above using DVD you should have made when you got the Laptop or you may have a Restore CD that also works with a Image on a Hiden Partition

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