i want to create a web site how do i

  tileman 10:22 06 Jan 2003
  tileman 10:22 06 Jan 2003

how do i go on about making my own web site

  scotty 10:46 06 Jan 2003

click here for a comprehensive set of tutorials to get you started.

  tileman 11:11 06 Jan 2003


  tran1 11:22 06 Jan 2003

If your a total beginner,to create a website, you will need web authoring software. The best thing about these programs is that they take alot of the strain out of web page design and layout. You simply drag and drop elements onto your webpage. You can control what goes where etc. If you have microsoft Office, you may already have a website authoring programmme. Its called 'Microsoft Frontpage'.
A really good webpage resource to get help and advice is: click here

The alternative to getting your own software and publishing it manually yourself, is to use an online website provider. These allow you to create website using their templates quickly and easily and they will even host it for you. You don't get as much flexibility and creativity as you would creating one yourself with your own software but it is adquate for a beginner. some host will stick popups and advertising material as part of the areement for their free service.

There are hundreds on the web. The ones I know are: click here , click here , and click here

There are hundreds more available click here

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:23 06 Jan 2003

How long is a piece of string?

Give us an idea of what you know and what you want to do and what you already have in place and we will be able to offer more helpful advice.

The link given by scotty is one of many good sites that may help. A search of google (click here) for something along the lines of "building websites" or "beginers guide to HTML" may help.

Search this site also and you will find several people who have asked the same question.

  anchor 16:07 06 Jan 2003

Microsoft used to give away free a good Web site making programme; it was called Front Page Express, (really a cut down version of Front Page).

This "freebee" stopped with the release of Win98-SE, and subsequent versions of Windows.

However, I retained a copy of this programme, and also a link to the tutorial. The tutorial can be found on:

click here

If you would also like the link to download Front Page Express, contact me.

Inaddition to the web space providers mentioned, such as Lycos and Geocities, you will almost certainly have been given some free space by your ISP.

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