I want to completely wipe my hard drive - How?

  Dazwm 19:25 28 Apr 2003


I want to completely wipe my hard drive and start from scratch as I have been having problems. I have backed everything up and have all the relevent drivers but how do I do it?

  powerless 19:26 28 Apr 2003

What operating system do you have?

  Dazwm 19:29 28 Apr 2003


  woodchip 19:31 28 Apr 2003

Have you a full Windows Disc or a Restore Disc and the relevant key

  powerless 19:32 28 Apr 2003

If you have RESTORE DISCS then you can use them.

OR if you have the original ME Installation CD then you will have to use that, but thats where i sign off here as i have never been near ME, so i can help you with the installtion of ME.

But someone will.

  Dazwm 19:33 28 Apr 2003

I have a restore disc but it doesn't work

  soy 19:36 28 Apr 2003

If you don't have a restore disk, How were you expecting to install the operating system?

If you don't have a restore disk or original installation disk, you will have to buy one. If you get a full installation disk, you will be given the option to delete partitions and format them. After that, you will be able to carry on installing the OS.

  Mad Boy 19:52 28 Apr 2003

Read my post "Format Problems, sorry for Star Office challeng" Or near enough to that thread. I formatted my pc & not to put you off it I found it rather difficult being a beginner & all. Took me lots of hours & days to get my modem and all other drivers working. I hear sometimes people have problems with there OS after "fresh" install, I however am finally happy with the result. Im sure someone else can take you through the process, as good sound advice when you make your "boot disk" be sure to test it out, i didnt and it wouldnt load windows. Also print documents for help, luckily i did and it sort of helped me.

Good luck, Kindest regards

  woodchip 20:09 28 Apr 2003

You start the computer with the Restore disc in or shut down and restart with restore disc in comp it should be that easy

  Dazwm 20:13 28 Apr 2003

I want to restart in ms dos and do a format - but how?

  Mad Boy 20:33 28 Apr 2003

Pop the boot disk in, at the prompt should default be A:\
Now press C:\ so the prompt should now look like this:

then type FORMAT C: ***Obviously change the C: to whatever drive your formatting***


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