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I want .com site not be re-directed to

  dagbladet 09:52 23 Apr 2007

I'm trying to view an online travel agent website. However, the page i want to see only exists in the website. I keep being redirected to Is there any way to 'force' the german site and not be auto redirected, thanks.

  Al94 09:53 23 Apr 2007

Have you tried deleting cookies?

  Al94 09:55 23 Apr 2007 opens for me click here

  dagbladet 10:06 23 Apr 2007

Thanks, i've cleared the cookies and the cache. Now I'm not being redirected but I just get a blank screen on Not a solution but perhaps progress. I'll keep fiddling.

  dagbladet 10:15 23 Apr 2007

OK got in via (Austria) that'll do, thanks.

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