I want to change broadband providers

  ponytail 09:16 09 Sep 2017

Was not sure which section this should go in so apologies if it is in the wrong section.

I want to change from TalkTalk to Plus net.but I have a Youview box which was supplied by TalkTalk.It does not record but will I be able to carry on using it if I changed providers.I mostly use it for catchup TV.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:57 09 Sep 2017

You will lose the extra channels provided by Talk Talk but will still beable to use catch up on the Freeview channels.

  ponytail 13:54 09 Sep 2017

Are you saying I will not be able to use the Youview box after changing if so do Plus Net have a similar box.Thank's for the info.

  ponytail 13:59 09 Sep 2017

Just found this on Google and might be worth thinking about. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 09 Sep 2017

The box will still work perfectly but the 30+ entertainment channels that come with Talk Talk plus will not work

  wee eddie 16:12 09 Sep 2017

What is the reason that you want to changes?

  ponytail 16:54 09 Sep 2017

The cost is the main reason as I can get a better deal with Plus Net and the customer service with TalkTalk leaves a lot to be desired.As for Fruit Bat's post I do not have the TalkTalk + box as mine does not record.I have worked it out this morning that my average talkTalk bill is £61 amonth which is rather a lot.That is based on the last 12 months

  rdave13 18:52 09 Sep 2017

That TalkTalk deal must include line rental so check with Plusnet the cost of fibre broadband and line rental. Then add the cost of YouView on top. Customer service is very good - when I needed help many years ago :)

  hastelloy 09:48 10 Sep 2017

I've just moved to Plusnet. Fibre broadband plus line rental plus all calls (except international) including to mobiles and with caller display is £33.98.

  onthelimit1 10:41 10 Sep 2017

Been with Plusnet for a number of years and the customer service is not what it was. At least a 30 min wait to speak to anyone, and they've suspended the on-line chat which was a very useful facility. Having said that, once through the 'operatives' are very helpful and have always sorted my problems.

  stevethetester 16:42 10 Sep 2017

I've been with talktalk for several years now and can only speak very highly of them.When I've needed customer service it has been fast efficient as well as friendly. A few months ago I renewed my contract whilst at the same time upgrading my contract to: up to 38mbps fibre optic plus the record-able you view box; total price per month is costing me just £27 with f secure a/v etc available for 8 items for another £2 per month if I need it. Having been stung with both sky and virgin in the past I am more than happy with this and would suggest that maybe you should contact the retention department-Not customer services- and see what they can do for you as an existing customer. Hope this helps and good luck either way.

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