i want to buy xp pro. what version and where?

  second best 18:22 29 Jan 2005

hi, i want to buy xp pro i have found suppliers usung dealtime but not sure what i need. what does media opnly mean, and why is it so cheap. looks like i can get a copy for 40 quid, is this right?

  tenplus1 18:28 29 Jan 2005

Media only means all you get is a Windows XP CD in a wallet with no manual or box... Usually they sell you the OEM edition which comes free with newly built computers and shouldn't really be selling these separate...

  Jeffers22 18:40 29 Jan 2005

If you want to be "bullet proof" you should bite said bullet and buy the full retail version. As has been pointed out the cheaper versions are at best OEM and at worst pirated.

  mrdsgs 19:37 29 Jan 2005

be very careful

many cheap private sales look fine but when you come to activate you find that your cd key has already been used therefore your purchase is useless. the problem is that the oem version, or retail has the cd key visible through the wrapper, therefore using a different cd but the "unopened" cd pack cd key it can be activated and then sold on as "new/unused"

be very wary.

p.s. i have 2 honestly unopened/unused/unactivated xp pro sets. i would sell one for £60


  second best 19:43 29 Jan 2005

that sounds like a good deal mrdsgs. however, regarding your thread, i'm thrown into a paranoic conundrum, if there is such a thing. how can i trust it, if you say it can't be trusted. what is the full retail price by the way. i'm assuming the copy you have is not oem!?

  second best 19:44 29 Jan 2005

i'm also particular to a lot of formats. can they be activated indefinitly

I have, in the space of 3 years built just 2 pcs. On the first I installed a full retail version of XP Pro. On the second I bought an OEM version (I think it was from Overclockers but I can't be sure).

The difference? Apart from a big saving in cost, Nothing. All I lost was the 30 page manual which, to be honest, was not really worth a candle and a fancy folder to keep it in! In terms of information it did not give anything worthwhile that could not be found on this forum.

The OEM version installs in just the same way as the full retail version and is no different in terms of registering or, if re-formatting, re-registering. You are provided with stickers to attcah to your PC with your registration and product numbers.

You can also have the usual automatic (free) live updates etc so, my recommendation is GO FOR OEM.

  woodchip 20:31 29 Jan 2005

Go to a Reputable Dealer like PC world and pay the going rate, for Safety

  pipedream 20:37 29 Jan 2005

You can get a genuine OEM version for around £90 here click here but they'll only sell if if bought together with a new motherboard, CPU or hard drive (the latter is probably the best option!).

  hssutton 20:47 29 Jan 2005

I agree with Pipedream, I have just upgraded 2 PCs using XP-Pro + SP2. the first one cost a little under £140 which included an 80Gb harddrive. The second the same + LG DVD writer for less than £180.
Purchased from Ebuyer

This IMO compares very favourably with PC Worlds £239 for the full retail XP-Pro + SP2

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