I want to build my own website and I need advice

  resolute 23:33 23 Dec 2012

I want to build my own website and I need advice

I have been looking for some company to host my potential site and to provide technical help

I have asked the following questions to potential hosters as these are what I was advised to find out from a manual that gave advice on finding a good company to host a website however I have not found a company that can provide of the following , in particular I have found no one that will provide FPT access? which is very frustrating as I am getting no where

therefore could people please look at my requirements and please advice where can get a good company to help me

If I was to buy one of your packages how much disk space - MB would you allow for me to host my business?

What would happen if I needed more than I thought as my business developed? Do you have a monthly transfer (bandwidth) limit?

Ideally I would like no limit at all or a soft ,limit that can be increased mid - month if necessary?

Would I have FPT access? I would like a service that does not charge me an extra fee every time I need to upload new files?

Would your packages handle domain name registration? what is the registration fee? what is the annual renewal fee? Does the registration make me the domain name owner?

Can any one help?


  beynac 07:41 24 Dec 2012

I assume you mean FTP rather than FPT. If so, most hosts would allow FTP access as well as through their control panel. I recommend Heart Internet. BTW: you will not be the "domain name owner" you will be the "registrant".

  Taff™ 14:06 24 Dec 2012

I will also recommend Heart. I have been a reseller for several years and I chose Heart after reading several supportive posts in the web design forum. (Where this post probably should be!) They included one from the FE himself.

Starting off with their Home Pro or Business Pro package should be sufficient and upgrading is relatively easy at any time. Tech hosting support is second to none but they only offer basic web design templates, much as other hosting ISP's do. That said, you haven't told us what exactly the business website is about, so they may be sufficient for starting off with.

  wiz-king 14:44 24 Dec 2012

Much harder/awkward if you want to use an e-commerce solution as the credit card companies have strict rules on programming and even using a third party card handler can cause grief (and expense).

  Vain 09:04 26 Dec 2012

Most any host will provide/allow FTP access and you'll never find a host with "no limit", regardless of what they claim.

Also, it depends on what your budget is, either per month, 3 months, 6 months or year.

For 25$ a month, LiquidWeb has fantastic support and gives 40GB of space and 340GB of transfer, which is usually enough for any not humungous website. I've never come close to my limit and I have multiple websites.

  iscanut 11:53 26 Dec 2012

Have you posted on Web Design Help forum ?

  wee eddie 13:44 28 Dec 2012

I think that a great deal will depend on what use you intend to put your Web Site to. If it is just Friends and Family then, more or less, any Supplier will do the job.

However if you wish to Trade through the Site, then you would be well advised to investigate the Specialist Companies. These usually have Card Handling facilities setup and frequently, the specialist site design Tools needed to run a successful Trading Site.

  resolute 21:55 28 Dec 2012

Thankyou all very much for your advice

I think I have a lot to learn however I am determined to succeed

I want to build a website business that will have alot of visitors with their own accounts and I want to make money advertising.

It is not just going to be a small website

Thankyou all very much for your advice

however the companies I have contacted so far such as moonfruit and go daddy have not offered me FTP access however I will research the ones you have offered me advice on

thankyou again

  Taff™ 09:09 29 Dec 2012

For this type of business website you will need MySQL databases and possibly a secure server since you will be handling personal information. If you check out Heart's Business Pro package you will find it all there.

Another point to raise id the technical support. Heart is based in Nottingham and has UK based technical support that I haven't been able to fault.

Incidentally, GoDaddy is American based and so you will possible experience time delays for technical support. It also offers ftp access Go Daddy Help Pages As said previously, this is the least of your challenges.

I am going to ask FE to move this to the Web Design Forum where there are far better experts in this field, including FE himself and hopefully he will comment as well.

  Forum Editor 09:48 29 Dec 2012

Transferred to Webdesign from Beginners' Tech Help

  Forum Editor 10:11 29 Dec 2012

Taking your questions in order:-

The amount of server space you have will depend on the package you go for. You're a beginner, and initially you are unlikely to need more than the average starter package.

If your space requirements change you'll find that most web hosts will upgrade your package accordingly.

Bandwidth limits tend to be largely academic - it's very unlikely that you will exceed the limit on your package in the early days.

Any decent web hosting package will come with FTP access.

Most web hosts will offer domain name registration at a reasonable cost. The actual registration and renewal costs depend on the domain suffix - a .co.uk name will cost less than a .com name, for instance.

Registration does not make you the 'owner' of the name - you register the exclusive right to use it for a period of time, usually one or two years, and the right to renew your registration when that is due.

You say that "I want to build a website business that will have alot of visitors with their own accounts and I want to make money advertising." which is fine - lots of people say that when they first embark on website development. Bear in mind that it's much harder than it seems however, and you're in for a steep learning curve. You will not attract advertisers unless you can offer them something in return, and that means traffic, and lots of it. You won't get the traffic until you have something to attract it, and you don't say how you propose to do that.

There are millions of people who believe they have good ideas that will make them money via a website, and some of them do. The fact is, however, that most of them don't - those days are long gone. To succeed with an e-commerce site you'll need to think about how you propose to handle credit card payments. You'll have to comply with consumer-protection legislation and data protection laws.

As Taff™ has already mentioned, you'll need to set up a MySQL database to handle your user accounts.

None of this is intended to discourage you - I wish you well with your project - but please understand that web development can be daunting to a beginner, and of course it's no good having the best website in the world if nobody uses it; your business model must be right to start with. Presumably you have researched your concept, and ascertained that there's a reasonable chance of success. If you haven't, I recommend that you do so before you even begin to design your site.

Good luck with your project, come back to this thread with other questions as and when they arise.

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