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I want to back up my ext. H.Drive-Which programme?

  buel 13:51 05 Mar 2009

Hi, i have all my downloaded data on a Maxtor 240GB external Hard drive, iv currently used 118GB of it and id like to back it up. Should i use Nero data burning onto dvds or use a specific back up programme? I believe i could use a programme that backs up your data as iso files?#
Please advise...

  buel 14:12 05 Mar 2009

Excellent answer but is it worth me searching for a free programme?

  Tycho 16:55 05 Mar 2009

I have a large external HDD and a laptop. I have been using AJC Directory Synchroniser and have found it brilliant. It ensures that both of the computers are synchronised which, in itself is a backup, but in addition you have a fully up to date backup on the HDD. I keep my HDD outside the house jut in case there is a fire or summat.


  conrail 20:21 05 Mar 2009

may sound silly as I am no expert but can't you drag and drop?

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