i want to ask about how insert small 2

  wongleelee 11:14 27 May 2017

I do not have key or on my keyboard. I want to type small 2(square)in Microsoft word 2007 for my mathematics assignment. Can you help me?

  difarn 11:32 27 May 2017

On your word document go to the top and click on insert. On the far right you will see the word symbol, click on this. A table will appear and you will find the character that you want - simply click on insert.

I am assuming that you do not have a numerical keypad. If you do there is a shortcut - hold down the Alt key and type in 0178, then release.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:41 27 May 2017

Another way is to simply click the superscript button when you're ready to type the small 2. It's got a picture of an X2 just to the right of the bold, underline, etc formatting buttons.

  difarn 14:02 27 May 2017


I had forgotten all about that - much simpler.

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