i ve lost my sound

  charlie12 19:26 20 Apr 2005

how can i set up sound card from the motherboard i thought i had a dedicated card but cant find it

  Klof Ron 19:45 20 Apr 2005

If you have onboard sound and you can't here it, it probably been disabled in your BIOS. Re-boot and enter your BIOS to re-enable it. I am assuming you have carried out checks to ensure your sound has not just been muted, and your speakers are correctly plugged in.

  Pooke100 19:58 20 Apr 2005

Either that or they need the drivers re-installed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:44 20 Apr 2005

Sound setup
click here

  charlie12 09:42 23 Apr 2005

thanks all my card is onboard ac97 on bios.enabled. ive no windows sound and cannot play music cds although can install programs.checked for mute etc. went into repair shop working came out dead.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 23 Apr 2005

Check device manager to ensure drivers are working.

Yellow warning means driver problem

  Pooke100 10:32 23 Apr 2005

click here for updated ac97 drivers

  charlie12 13:10 23 Apr 2005

hi done that in device manager it says i have no audio device. have repaired windows. downloaded ac97 driver. nothing has changed

  kp 13:56 23 Apr 2005

Has the driver been installed after downloading?

  Nelmon2k 14:49 23 Apr 2005

Hi, I had this when i built my pc. There should be drivers that came with the disk you got with your motherboard. That is if you built your pc.

  Pooke100 15:59 23 Apr 2005

have you checked the BIOS? Did you attempt to install the downloaded file? If so what did it say?

When I do a reinstall of windows XP I don't have any sound until I load the AC97 drivers, either downloaded from the net(that link i gave) or off my motherboard cd, it doesn't matter which.

PS. Which OS and which motherboard?

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