I using 480Gb out of 580

  Spr 19:56 21 Aug 2009

2DUO core 4.00Gb ram Vista 64
How is it possible to have 480Gb used on my hard drive it is only 582Gb
The only thing I put on is Adobe Photoshop 6 Adobe Elements CS3.
There is aprox 20Gb of photo’s I cant see where the rest of my hard drive has gone.
I have ran CCleaner
has anyone any Idea's

  OTT_Buzzard 20:02 21 Aug 2009

Just to ask the obvious, and without meaning to insult, but are you using 480gb, or do you have 480gb free?

Other than that:
Do you have any partitions on the hard drive? Have you run check disk to test for errors?

  Belatucadrus 21:00 21 Aug 2009

Try running WinDirStat click here it'll give a you a nice map of what's taking up the space. Do remember to tick "Show freespace" in the Options menu.

  Spr 22:18 21 Aug 2009

I am using 480Gb i have not partitioned the hard drive.

  Spr 23:45 21 Aug 2009

Dont ask me what is going on now I'm told I am only using 80Gb & ther is 500Gb free

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