I type O I get 6 as in: Scan60etn5ng has g6ne

  The queen of sheba 13:49 02 Feb 2006

A friend has this problem with an elderly relative. This may not be connected but she was trying to shop with a supermarket online and since then certain letters have been replaced by numbers when she types.

We can deduce that :Scan60etn5ng has g6ne

should read : something has gone

Not seen this before , does anyone have an idea.

  pc_sausage 13:51 02 Feb 2006

You probably have number lock on.

Hold down shift and hit the key that says "NumLk" or similar

  justme 14:27 02 Feb 2006

I suspect that the problem is with a laptop computer and that the numeric keypad function has been turned on. Might I suggest that they read the manual to find out how to turn it off and then the problem will disappear.

Sorry I can not be more specific about how to turn it off as it usually is different on most laptops.

  Computerdope 14:32 02 Feb 2006

hold Fn button down then hit num lk/scr lk

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