i Tunes wont work

  pete h 10:41 16 Apr 2010

Hya peeps, got a small problem that i am hoping someone can sort out for me. for some reason my itunes application refuses to work. i took it off my hard drive and re installed it (3 times) but it still refuses to work. anyone got any ideas please


  ronalddonald 11:02 16 Apr 2010

could the firewall be blocking you??? what os u using

  john bunyan 11:04 16 Apr 2010

1. What OS?
2. Did you do an uninstall as reccomended by iTunes?
3. Have a look here:
click here

  pete h 11:05 16 Apr 2010

thanks for getting back to me ronald, i have never had a problem with firewalls before and was only using it the other day. my os is windows xp.


  pete h 11:06 16 Apr 2010

john, i did a complete uninstall 3 times. and my os is windows xp

  john bunyan 16:34 16 Apr 2010

I assume your OS is up to date with Windows Updates (SP3 etc)
I suggest that you try uninstalling again using this Apple instruction:
click here

Then download i tunes - may be worth trying to install with your anti virus temporarily disabled.

  anniesboy 17:06 16 Apr 2010

I had issues recently,see my earlier post
click here
I hope it helps.

  pete h 09:12 18 Apr 2010

ok i did a complete reformat and i still cant get i tunes to work on here. am i downloading the correct version or what? cant understand why it worked less than a week ago and not now


  pete h 12:52 19 Apr 2010

thanks everyone, i deleted the bonjour application as instructed and i can now use my itunes thanks for your help


  pete h 12:54 19 Apr 2010

hya peeps again. i am wanting to scan a document and then be able to fill it in, ie form filling after scanning it. can you please tell me what programme i need as my pringer/scanner wont allow me. i have an epson DX4450. does anyone know if this printer will allow me to do what i want to do.


  GBL 13:06 19 Apr 2010

Hi Pete I suggest you start your scanner help on a new thread then peeps will look at it.

I had probs with itunes but took off Bullguard.

Taske care.

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