henry2 13:35 11 May 2010

Please how do i copy files from my ipod to my pc with itunes.I have tried several times to no avail.
I can only copy from pc to ipod but cannot the other way round.

  dogtrack 14:06 11 May 2010

If you google "ipod copy" you will find a program which does what it says and goes by the same name.

It is payware, I have it and it does work very well.

You then import the created folder into a registered version of itunes.

Emphasis here on Payware & registered.

  henry2 14:11 11 May 2010

Hi Dogtrack,
What if my itunes is not registered cus mine is not.My 0pc is not online ,how do i get the registered version?

  henry2 14:28 11 May 2010

do u hav one which is freeware?

  dogtrack 14:43 11 May 2010

Itunes is free.....but to be able to copy an ipod into it you need a store A/C with itunes...thus registering the program and machine. Their is a limit of 5 per account.

Otherwise everyone and their mother would be copying mates ipod content onto their PCs.

you could try google for "copyright protection".

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