I tried to delete SchedLgU.Txt

  User-E5E86C2D-D398-4C96-9C3AA959E06B09BE 10:28 26 Nov 2003

Hi all ‘
I tried to delete this file (SchedLgU.Txt) I did everything without any luck the file is in windows (C:\WINDOWS\SchedLgU.Txt).
I used Dr Delete but no chance.
Could anyone help please?
Thank you

  Jester2K II 10:42 26 Nov 2003

If you are running Task Scheduler then maybe you can't.

Why do you need to delete it?

Jester2K II

When I run spy detector it keeps coming on as a spy file maybe is been hijacked by some spy were

  Jester2K II 11:12 26 Nov 2003

Which spy detector. I bet it just a false positive because its a log file.

Have you opened the file to see whats in it?

Do you use Task Scheduler or have it running??

no i do not use it , and spy detector is search and distroy

  Jester2K II 11:28 26 Nov 2003

I'll check with Spybot but i can't delete my C:\WINDOWS\SchedLgU.Txt either.

Open it with notepad and it'll just say stuff like

"Task Scheduler Service"
Exited at 04/11/2003 15:20:05
"Task Scheduler Service"
Started at 04/11/2003 17:27:09
"Task Scheduler Service"
Exited at 04/11/2003 17:35:37
"Task Scheduler Service"
Started at 04/11/2003 20:05:27

  Jester2K II 11:29 26 Nov 2003

Do you use Diskeeper?

  Jester2K II 11:39 26 Nov 2003

When you run Spybot do you have all the options on?

I've just put them all on and it picks up this file and loads of others. Clicking on the C:\WINDOWS\SchedLgU.Txt list brings up a description thats tells you its just a log file and not Spyware.


Product: Log
Threat: Usage tracks

Logs allow you to look up information about installation / setup processes.

Logs won't be deleted, just moved to a folder inside the Spybot-S&D directory to make it more difficult for spies to automatically detect them.

Privacy Statement
Usage tracks allow any user with direct access to your machine to see what files you have worked on recently. If that user is you, those tracks are even a feature. There is no other harm done by usage tracks.


Its just a harmless internal tracking file and not Spyware.

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