I thought this was a serious Forum

  mr-old 15:03 14 Mar 2003

Hello folks,

This is my first visit to this forum as my son said it was the best on the web for getting issues resolved, so i thought I would register and have a look around for a bit to see what goes on. Must say not really impressed so far with what I have seen as an example click here click here click here. For short while I thought that I had wandered on to chat room!. Is it always like this? or have I just struck on a bad day??.

  VoG™ 15:11 14 Mar 2003

Bad day!

  medicine hat 15:13 14 Mar 2003

You haven't looked very far then, have you? There are 50 threads on this page. Perhaps you should base the usefulness of this site on the other 47 you haven't referenced

  mr-old 15:19 14 Mar 2003

Thank you Medicine Hat for your advice, I did neglect to mention that I have already gleaned some indepth Knowledge from some of the other posts that I have read this afternoon. I have indeed, managed to sort out a solution to a long running problem that I have been having with hard drive just by looking at other poor souls problems and the excellent answers given within. I do however have to wonder at the curtness of your reply and also point out that to new comers like my self it is first impressions that count. I do hope that not all memebers are as short tempered as yourself.

  AndySD 15:20 14 Mar 2003

It happens now and again.... the Forum Editor normally deletes them.

  Eagie 15:21 14 Mar 2003

Every facility that opens itself up to the public is likely to be abused in someway. The moderators can do their best to keep it all tidy but it is never going to be perfect - unless you impose extremely strict rules, which will affect freedom of speech and make the site useless.

I have posted a few threads on the site and have always got useful and friendly advice. Similarly a lot of the other threads have either been extremely helpful and enlightening. There seems to be quite a few people out their ready to help others, which can sometimes be a rare thing in today's society.

Don't be too harsh on the site - its not perfect but it isn’t that bad.

  Gongoozler 15:24 14 Mar 2003

Hi mr-old, I agree that the threads you are referring to are inappropriate for this forum and fortunately they are a rarity here. The Forum Editor does an excellent job of moderating the forum, sometimes he is criticised for being too heavy handed and other times for being too liberal. I think he gets it about right and the threads you highlighted will probably either just die out or be pulled. If you read a few of them you will find the contributors are mostly, if not all, students, and their chatter, if inappropriate and childish, is at least harmless. Look on the positive side though. You have found 3 inappropriate threads in a days postings of about 80 so far. I think that is a good ratio.

  Eagie 15:30 14 Mar 2003

The threads you refer to (and a couple of others that seem to around at the mo) are from the same people. Going by their names I am guessing they know each other and are "trying" to be funny - or maybe it is one person with a split personality (if they have one of those at all).

There are lots more genuine people on here - honest!

  Legolas 15:32 14 Mar 2003

mr-old I have been coming to this forum for over two years and the threads you indicate are certainly not indicitive of the type of threads that are normally found or wanted on this site, and out of the myriad of threads posted in a week they are a very small minority and are normally quickly dealt with by the FE, when these postees realise that their inane postings are deleted they normally move on to a lesser forum that will put up with them, please do not be put of by it as your son is right, this is the best forum of it's type around so keep coming back.

  mikef™ 15:34 14 Mar 2003

I agree with the other comments the best thing to do is ignore them, you can also contact the moderator to draw them to PCA's attention.

  recap 15:42 14 Mar 2003

Hello and welcome to one of the best if not the best forums on the Internet.

Look forward to seeing you posting in the future.


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