I thought USB was hot swappable?

  pj123 14:32 30 Aug 2008

So why is it that when I unplug a USB Device and plug another one in my computer crashes.

  crosstrainer 14:36 30 Aug 2008


You need to use the "safely remove hardware" (small icon that appears in the toolbar everytime you plug in a removable device)

You need to stop the device, wait for the "The device can now be removed from the system" message before you remove the stick.

  jack 14:37 30 Aug 2008

you may still need a re boot- it is a case of some and some I have found.

  Pamy 14:56 30 Aug 2008

Iv'e always just plugged and unplugged my devices without any problems. I get an audable warning when I remove a device and I get sometimes a little box that says "New device found" then "Device ready for use" when I plugg another one in

  pj123 15:25 30 Aug 2008

crosstrainer, I thought someone would say that.

Not true. I have done that. Makes no difference.

I have two external hard drives.

1. IDE 250gb

2. SATA 300gb.

Always crashes when switching from one to the other.

  crosstrainer 15:29 30 Aug 2008

Aaah, you didn't say that :)) Memory issue (sharing the same memory space)

If you don't need the external hdd active, leave it switched off (the usb cable can remain plugged in)

Also, check your BIOS boot settings, and disable "Boot from USB" option.

  €dstowe 15:55 30 Aug 2008

It is particularly dangerous to unplug a drive (HDD or pendrive etc.) when there is any chance that it might be reading or writing.

Always use the Safely Remove Hardware option to avoid risk of damage to either the drive or the USB port.

  Stuartli 16:24 30 Aug 2008

€dstowe is absolutely correct.

  jack 16:40 30 Aug 2008

That's the Some and Some I referred to earlier
So long as the device is inactive remove it with impunity.
If a drive has been in use in recent time it is common sense to use the Safe method
However inert devices [printers and the like]not actually active- hot swap away.

  pj123 16:55 30 Aug 2008

crosstrainer, why is a hard drive any different from any other USB device?

  Lettervanman 17:06 30 Aug 2008

Never had a problem yet! But make sure that it is not reading or writing when you unplug.

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