I thought the problem was cured but it isnt!

  Sisha 17:13 28 Apr 2004

I have a system running a recently bought AMD XP 2700 running on a Soltek SL-75MRN Mobo. It has 512MB of 2700 DDR Crucial RAM with a radeon 9600 Graphics card. It runs on XP HE
Previous to installing the new CPU I was running an XP 2000 CPU and was fine if a little slow with some of the top end games.
I have installed the new CPU and changed the FSB setting in the BIOS to 166 MHz as the CPU runs at 333 MHz (all according to the manual)
I have changed no other setting on anything.

I had a problem with the pc resetting every so often.
Thanks to the help of lots of lovely people out there I got some help and the problem seemed to be OK (It was a network cable not plugged in) or so I thought.
The resetting has started again and now MS have told be to check my memory with one of their software downloads.
I have done this and the software says everything is fine?
Could it be a duffer CPU?

  AndySD 17:24 28 Apr 2004

You could try setting the memory timing in the BIOS to 2.5-3-3-7 and see if that helps.

  Totally-braindead 17:26 28 Apr 2004

I haven't read of your last set of problems and appologise if this has been suggested but is there a possibilty that the CPU is overheating? Reason I mention this is you say that the pc resets every so often. This suggests to me that something happens when the system becomes stressed for some reason ie it might be heating up. If you think this is a possibility I suggest you remove the heatsink and fan, clean all the thermal paste off it, put new paste on and reinstall it and see what happens. If you think the memory may have a fault then download memtester from
click here
and see if that finds anything.

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