I thought 2mb was fast

  Legolas 19:47 11 Apr 2005

I have recently been upgraded to 2mb on my NTL BB connection and very good it is too.

I read in the last issue of my Computer Mag that in Japan they were getting speeds of 28mb, well even that is slow compared to the latest speeds.

I have just read in the latest issue of my Mag that they are trialling speeds of (wait for it)2GB YES 2GB in Korea. Now that is fast 2000 times faster than normal BB according to the Mag.

Anyone know of a cheap flight to Korea site.

  sinbad1 20:03 11 Apr 2005
  SEASHANTY 20:10 11 Apr 2005

What does your LAN connection icon in the system tray say? I have upgraded to the NTL 2Mb connection. If I hover the mouse over the Lan icon
it staes "Local Area Connection : Speed : 100.0Mbps : Status : Connected.

  sinbad1 20:42 11 Apr 2005

seriously, don't expect those kind of speeds, at least not until the ISP's have milked us with there ever tempting offers of more speed/more money offers.

Its business i guess, most of the internet including microsoft are full of offers and updates to improve (or cause problems)to our pc's.

2gig is awsome would we need a super duper AV to catch downloading viruses?

  sinbad1 20:46 11 Apr 2005


100mbps is your connection speed 2Mb is the line connection

  SEASHANTY 20:48 11 Apr 2005

Thanks sinbad1 - I was wondering about this.

  sinbad1 20:55 11 Apr 2005

latest connection uses +ve and -ve household 240 mains to supply broadband trying it on Wed.

  sinbad1 21:15 11 Apr 2005
  eego 21:35 11 Apr 2005

sinbad1 - I am extremely interested on your posting about mains power supply being used as a modulation system for Broadband. is there anywhere else that i may get some further information?????.

Whilst were on this subject is there anyone who can tell me the modulation system being used for the standard telephone system. I strongly suspect that it will be Phase Shift Keyed, but I am specifically interested in the number of phase angles currently being used.

Regarding the higher rates being mentioned elsewhere, these have been quite common for a number of years in other communication practices, bust mostly in tightly controlled environments such as fibre optic cable.

  Legolas 21:44 11 Apr 2005

If I go by BB I will be there in no time :-)

  wee eddie 21:47 11 Apr 2005

It is quite possible that all parts of the Major Cities may have these services available.

However my last tourist brochure advertised "a Get away from it all, Hill Station". The little villages shown, were rustic in the extreme, and short of electricity let alone Broad Band!

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