I think there is a problem with my PC.

  al1525 02:20 06 May 2017

I've had my pc for about one year in the past 3 weeks whenever i turn on my pc the leds would turn and the fans will start spinning however my monitor is just blank. The monitor sometimes works but I don't know why. so basically whenever i turn on my pc my monitory wont respond.

  al1525 02:23 06 May 2017

I also use windows 10

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 06 May 2017

have you checked the monitor connection leads at the PC and monitor?

If your happy to open the box. sometimes removing and refitting the graphics card helps as well.

  MJS WARLORD 15:35 06 May 2017

before you take your pc to bits try the following , get a can of air from maplins , they are called air dusters. give everything inside a good blast of air but be careful. make sure you buy the cold air duster. use it in short bursts because the can will suddenly become very cold and could burn your fingers.

IMPORTANT ... do not turn the can sideways or the propellant will squirt out and soak your components.

do you have or can you borrow another monitor to see if it is your pc or monitor that has a fault.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 06 May 2017

Just blow it out with a hairdryer set on cool.

  wee eddie 17:59 06 May 2017

And use a natural bristle paint brush to get dust out of between the fins of the radiators

  al1525 22:41 06 May 2017

My friend came over to help me refit my graphics card but it didn't work,I have also made sure the monitor works by connecting it with another device, so ill try to dust my pc now. Thanks for the responses guys

  al1525 09:14 07 May 2017

I'm not that good with technology so I was wondering,during the air dusting do I have to get deeper into the PC by taking out some components or do I just clean the dust that I see? just for reference I use the cooler master - enforcer case.link to the case click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 07 May 2017

Just blow out what you can see at a year old it won't be too bad unless you have pets fluff can gather between the heatsink and fan on the cpu so this is the only part that may require removing during a dust out.

However in the is case I don't think dust / overheat is your problem. when you used the monitor on a different device did you use the same cable?

If monitor OK then cable - graphics card or motherboard are suspect.

Can you connect to onboard graphics? remove the card and connect to onboard graphics to prove graphics card faulty.

  al1525 02:46 13 May 2017

I just dusted it but it still doesn't work, I might bring it in to PBtech to repair it.

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