I think a new hard drive is needed-Am I right?

  duplo 09:43 18 Aug 2003

My sister has been having problems with her computer. It would run for a short while and then crash unexpectabtly- often siting an I/O error with the hard drive. On a reboot it would not detect the Hard drive at all or the DVD drive on the same ide port. I swithced ports and the same thing happened.

After an hour or so I restarted it (I took it home with me!) and it detected the HD and DVD. I suspected a bad hard drive but I thought I would re-install anyway.

88% of the way through the format it stoped and a message came up saying there was a problem with the drive of that if I had a Scsi drive I should cheack the adaptor. Its a normall IDE drive and the second IDE port has no problems detecting the DVD on its own.

Am I right in thinking its the HD?
The PC is about to have its third birthday.

  TechMad 09:55 18 Aug 2003

Its not recommend attaching a HD and a CD/DVD drive. Have you tried the hard disk in another machine? Do you get the same outcome.

  AndySD 09:58 18 Aug 2003

It sounds like it. If you know the make of the drive go to their web site most have a downloadable drive check program.

  TechMad 10:00 18 Aug 2003

I've stopped in mid flow. I should say 'Its not recommended to attach a HD and CD/DVD drive to the same IDE adaptop on the motherboard. This is for both tecnical and performance reasons.

  TechMad 10:01 18 Aug 2003

Here is the 'h' to insert into technical.

  duplo 10:08 18 Aug 2003

I know its not recomended attaching both drives... but it has been working fine for the last year and the CDRW drive would not work on the same IDE port as the DVD/HD. In the instructions it said it needed its own IDE port. At first I thought this was rubbish but it would not work any other way!

I dont think I can run a HD scanner since there is no OS on it (it been formatted- well 88% of it has!).

I dont have a Spare HD unfortunately. I've done all I can- swapped the IDE cables rouned, Swapped ports etc.

  AndySD 10:19 18 Aug 2003

Most hard disk scanners run off a floppy and dont need an O/S loaded on the hard drive.

  duplo 10:30 18 Aug 2003

OK- i'll give it a go!!

  TechMad 10:34 18 Aug 2003

Do you have another machine to test the HD on?

  duplo 10:38 18 Aug 2003

It says i need to make it a bootable floppy?

What do i do to make it a bootable floopy?

  seedie 10:45 18 Aug 2003

Get one from click here


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