I think my website has been hijacked

  The Electric Monk 00:38 19 Jun 2004


I produce the website at the place at which I work. Recently, a colleague who uses Windows XP has reported what would appear to be evidence of hijacking of our website.

The webpage on which he has reported the most evidence is: click here

The evidence consists of a number of unexpected hyperlinks within the text on this page that point to pages that are not part of our website.

I have looked at the site using Windows 98SE and Me and have found no evidence. The website lives on a BT Connect server.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some possible help identifying the cause of this problem, or assist me to find out if the problem exists for everyone using XP by clicking on: click here and looking for unexpected hyperlinks within the text.

Obviously, I would like to be sure a problem exists before I go ranting to BT.

Much appreciated.

  Forum Editor 08:18 19 Jun 2004

but I did find an impressive amount of information - that's quite a site you have there. I spent a short while at school in Yorkshire, and clearly remember an educational visit to Conisbrough Castle. Your site brought back happy memories.

As far as I can tell everything's as it should be - a quick look at the code showed me exactly what I expect to see in a FrontPage site.

  PurplePenny 13:30 19 Jun 2004

I'm using Win98 so it may not help but I took a look in Opera with the text-browser emulator and again with only links displayed - both of which I would expect to show up any extraneous links but I saw nothing untoward.

I'm on dialup so I can only have one machine online at once but later on I'll try the Opera trick again on an XP machine.

What sort of links are they supposed to be? How do they appear?

Love the site BTW - I'm sure that I've been in a reenactment that involved a de Warenne .....


  PurplePenny 16:57 19 Jun 2004

I've looked on an XP machine using Opera (in various User Modes) and IE and can't see anything that looks like a foreign link. I've hovered over every link that is there and all of them show an address within the site.


  spuds 21:52 19 Jun 2004

Everything seems to be shipshape, and no dodgy links found, using XP.

What a fantastic informative website, you are to be congratulated on the effort shown.

  Mango Grummit 23:42 19 Jun 2004

"Recently, a colleague who uses Windows XP has reported what would appear to be evidence of hijacking of our website.....Obviously, I would like to be sure a problem exists before I go ranting to BT."

Bit of a rant to your colleague perhaps?

  The Electric Monk 23:58 19 Jun 2004

Thank you all very much for your help. Its looking more and more like the problem is linked to my colleague's PC, yet he says he is only experiencing the problem when viewing our website.

But that will be a problem for the Helproom.

Many thanks for the kind words about the site; it’s always nice to be appreciated by others.

I will leave this thread open just in case it should startle up a solution.


  PurplePenny 13:19 20 Jun 2004

Does he say whether these links are visible? If so he could get a screen shot, then if you put the screen shot online we (or the Helproom) could take a look.


  Gaz 25 00:53 25 Jun 2004


Done an integeral link check - all links were internal to your domain and all were active.

Great site.

PS. I think BT will have good enough technicans to prevent any hack attacks. I would think he has spyware installed that highlights cirtain words - simalair to that of this forum - the green advert links.

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