I think my router has packed up

  daisy2bell 07:21 05 Oct 2007

I've had a Netgear DG834GT router for approx 2 year.
Today I go to switch it on, and nothing. No lights. I have tried plugging it in diferent power sockets, but it still won't work.
Question is, is it the router itself or the cable.
It was working fine yesterday.

  rambus 12:12 05 Oct 2007

try a differant cable and see if it will work, if not then you have a problem with the router.

  Dipso 15:14 06 Oct 2007

Check the date you bought it, I think Netgears have a 2 year warranty.

  daisy2bell 15:18 06 Oct 2007

Thanks guys.
My son checked the cable and it seemed ok. Will open it (router) today and see if there is a fuse inside and replace and see what happens.

  Dipso 15:19 06 Oct 2007

Don't open it if it could still be in warranty or you'll void it.

  daisy2bell 15:22 06 Oct 2007

Yes I know, but I cannot find the reciept. I'm normaly organised with reciepts etc.

  ambra4 15:26 06 Oct 2007

Check the power supply unit is supplying the 12-15 volts before opening the router

  tullie 17:00 06 Oct 2007

Check fuse in the plug also

  tullie 17:01 06 Oct 2007

Check fuse in the plug also,oops,is there a plug?

  daisy2bell 09:24 09 Oct 2007

Thankfully I registered my original purchase with netgear, and even though I cannot find my reciept they have agreed to send me another one.
That is what I call GOOD service.
Anyway, thanks guys for your help.
I'll tick as resolved.

  Dipso 14:27 09 Oct 2007

A happy ending! :)

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