I think my pc has been hacked

  pcuserguy 21:58 14 Apr 2017

I was checking emails, and I didnt clicked any link,neither I installed any add-on, I suddenly got alert to restart the pc to disable user accounts and it get restart automatically. When it starts,after login screen its displaying the login screen of some company named Booz Allen Hamilton. It is claiming that this is the property of Booz Allen Hamilton,there is a number mentioned too

What should I do?I have windows 10 installed

  wee eddie 22:55 14 Apr 2017

How long have you had the PC?

What Anti Virus are you running?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:43 15 Apr 2017

Is the PC second hand?

  pcuserguy 10:19 15 Apr 2017

No its a new PC I am using it last 8 months,it was working fine, but yesterday I got this issue. I am using Windows defender and not any other antivirus

  wee eddie 12:27 15 Apr 2017

8 months old. Check with the Seller. It may just have been preconfigured for Booz Allen. They should be able to deal with that

  pcuserguy 19:46 15 Apr 2017

I have contacted with seller too, they too said it seems to be hacked.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 15 Apr 2017

Poewer on then power off after 5 seconds - repeat 3 times - on 4th attempt it should boot to repair option

from there see if you can do a system restore

  pcuserguy 21:51 15 Apr 2017

I have re-install windows,and after reinstalling they were geting update and while updating it restarted automatically and the screen start appearing again

PS: I deleted the partitions and installed

  caccy 14:07 16 Apr 2017

Booze Allen Hamilton is a legitimate company. Remember them from many years ago. Like * Fruit Bat /\0/\ * I suspect that this was configured for Booze Allen.

  wee eddie 14:14 16 Apr 2017

I think that I should point out that the guys that sold you the machine, as new, are unlikely to admit that it was part of a batch configured for another customer.

  rdave13 19:35 16 Apr 2017

Try resetting the bios/Uefi to default. I doubt it will work as it may be a bios/Uefi security setting for the company showing the splash screen. Is where you bought the PC a well known company?

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