I think I've been diddled by Google?

  Covergirl 22:14 25 Sep 2011

Just done a search on guitar headstock design and Google tells me it's found 1,030,000 images in .44 seconds. Scrolling down to the bottom I arrive at Page 10 and a button for Show More Results which gives me more images down to Page 40. There is not another Show More Results button so I must assume I've got everything - but with around 20-28 images on a page that adds up to around 800 to 1,100 images.

Is Google deceiving us on purpose?

Just wondered . . . .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:29 25 Sep 2011

perhaps Google has got its megs and gigs mixed up ;0)

  Forum Editor 22:48 25 Sep 2011

How many images do you want?

I just ran a search for "guitar headstock design images" and Google tells me it found 4.7 million results in 0.27 seconds. I looked as far as page 74, and got the "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 692 already displayed." message.

At the end of your 40 pages did you not see the same thing?

  Covergirl 12:17 26 Sep 2011


Thanks for that suggestion but I don't remember seeing that message yesterday, although I have seen it in the past.

I think you might be doing your search on the "Web" (default) whereas I selected "Images" and omitted the word "Images" from the search criteria. I get the same as you if I do it that way and I get the message too.

If I now select to include these omitted results, I only get 100 pages at 10 results per page. Still nowhere near.


I'll consider sending a strongly worded letter of complaint to their CEO, but on second thoughts, the likelyhood of getting a response is about nil so I won't even bother mentally composing it.

  Covergirl 12:20 26 Sep 2011

As for how many results do I want? One would be sufficient if it were the right one. As it was, I couldn't spot what I wanted in the selection I was offered. I might have a Bing or even go back to Alta Vista.

  bjh 12:32 26 Sep 2011

Ah, but all those images Google finds have to be shared between all of us users who have suddenly been prompted to search for "guitar headstock design " ... and who never would have searched for them before ;-) So, with over a million pictures, and only a thousand for you, I guess there are another thousand people like me who have stolen a portion of your image search. Of course, if you'd like to generously reimburse me, I could forward all my search images to you...

Now, please tell. Why are you searching for these - although some of them are truly beautiful!

  Covergirl 13:04 26 Sep 2011

Ha Ha - interesting theory bjh. When I get my refund off of Google I'll pass some along to you.

Actually, I have no intention to reincarnate my previous thread (guitar now passed into other hands), but this headstock has an unusual design although I couldn't guarantee it was totally unique. I was perusing some old photos and thought I might locate some reference to this mystery guitar by way of investigating headstock designs. However, due to the dire shortage of images in Googles image bank, I'm still at a loose end. Ho hum - lunchtime over, back to the grindstone.

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