i think its power problems need help though.....

  dpm1981 10:11 27 Apr 2004

i am having boot up problems..!! when i run my processor at 2.8 it wont boot up but when i run it at 1.1 it boots up fine...could this be to do with power..??

i have tried changing my graphics crad and at the moment have a gforce 4 fx 5900 ultra

my set up is

df1 ininity nforce 2
gforce4 fx 5900 ultra
3200xp + 400fsb
cosair 512 duel 400mhz

can ya help..??

  ^wave^ 10:44 27 Apr 2004

what type of proceesor and speed of it pls

  dpm1981 10:47 27 Apr 2004

its 2.8amd but when i run it at 1.1 it works fine

  dpm1981 11:20 27 Apr 2004

am runnin win xp aswell if that makes any difference..??

  dpm1981 12:16 27 Apr 2004

does the lack of response mean that u have the smae lack of ideas as me..?? or that u r using ur giant brains in thinking of a soloution.?

  QuickHare 12:52 27 Apr 2004

Sometimes its because we may lose track of the post, but most of the time we are pondering!

  QuickHare 12:56 27 Apr 2004

When you say "run my processor at 2.8 it wont boot up", do you mean running at 2.8GHz, or 2.8V, or something else?

It might be power if you mean 2.8V, but it could be heat if 2.8GHz. Those things can produce a lot of heat, and it might not be cooling down fast enough. This could trigger the motherboard to shutdown the computer for safety (as most new motherboards do) and this could be a reason.

It's an idea. Anyone else like to prove me wrong?

  AndySD 12:59 27 Apr 2004

what speed are you running the fsb? also what ram are you using eg pc3200

  dpm1981 13:09 27 Apr 2004

- i meant 2.8ghz but when i run it as a 1.1ghz it runs fine



hope this helps the pondering

  AndySD 13:41 27 Apr 2004

I may be wrong but isnt the 2.8 a 333 fsb processor?

  dpm1981 13:47 27 Apr 2004

to be honest its not my set up, i have just phoned the person whos it is and he informs me that its a 3200xp + 400fsb

i think now that it is more than likely poer related cos i know that he only just had a big enough power supply that is recommended when i thought it was 2.8

still like to know ur thoughts on the matter though

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