I think I have my first virus

  bezzer20 01:00 20 May 2007

hiya guys im afraid i think i have downloaded something awfull! i tried playing a windows media file on the internet, but it said that it needed an extra add on (codec sort of thing) i dloaded it and since then i constantly get a small box appearing, saying "windows explorer has stopped working" then it gives you the option of " restarting the program". I have tried everything to try to get rid of it, including task manager and trying to delete the process from that. I can get onto the internet just about. Also straight after i dload the file i saw a new icon appear about some spyware ( i also have a new toolbar on my IE7, it says "security toolbar 7.1". I am very *[email protected]:ed off!!! please someone help.

  Jaro 01:04 20 May 2007

have you tried to scan your pc with some internet security program? have got some antispyware of antivirus programs? what have you done to try to get rid of it?

  bezzer20 01:18 20 May 2007

this is the problem im running windows vista by the way! (ultimate) and i cant use windows properley because when the box which says ("windows explorer has stopped working") comes up (every 5seconds or so) it gets rid of all the pages im looking at. ie if i get rid of the box and try to access "my computer" the box re-apears a few seconds later and the page closes down automatically. I'v just googled security toolbar 7.1 and its a well known viral dload. what can i do?

  Jaro 01:25 20 May 2007

try download this 30 days trial kaspersky internet security click here and after install and update scan your pc. this internet security is really good you can give it a try and than use it for 30days if you like it.

  beeuuem 01:29 20 May 2007

This may help click here

  Jaro 01:37 20 May 2007

nice tip beeuuem.try this first bezzer20

  bezzer20 01:51 20 May 2007

this is the problem guys, if it was that easy i would!!! i have already been to that site and dloaded that lol! The problem is when i come to open the file up after iv dloaded it the box pops up again ("indows explorer has stopped working, windows can try to restart the program")etc. So i have two options to hit the cross on the top right hand side of the box to get rid of it, or try to restart the program. Iv tried working behind the box in conjunction but windows wont let me! please give me some expertise!

  bezzer20 01:52 20 May 2007

bsically if i whatever i click it gets rid of all the programs im using (appart from IE7 which is weird??)

  mocha 05:39 20 May 2007

Have you tried running these programs in Safe Mode. Follow the advice on 'How to kill running processes' and 'How to unregister Dll files' in beeuuems link, again do this in safe mode.

  Probabilitydrive 08:10 20 May 2007

Have you followed Jaro's advice? Please list the anti-spy ware/anti-virus programmes your system is running.

If you are unable to access them from Windows, go into 'safe mode' and run all your security programmes.

A radical way to get rid off the problems you are experiencing is using Windows system restore function.

Whatever you do, you have to make sure that your system is clean and spy-ware free.

In case of any anti-spy ware programmes: this involves a working knowledge how they work and how to make sure they have worked (...disabling system restore...using Hijackthis, in case it goes pear shaped..)

in case of system restore: how and what to back up before using a restore point.

  Gongoozler 08:29 20 May 2007

The most powerful way to get rid of any nasties is to restore the computer to the factory settings. This will include reformatting the hard drive which will wipe EVERYTHING. Depending on what the computer is, this could use a restore partition or a CD. As long as you have the disks for all the installed programs this doesn't take very long and is often easier than trying to remove the nasties manually.

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