I stabbed my hard drive

  royboxer 13:30 24 Jul 2005

My evesham recently started making a noise, I stupidly assumed it was the hard drive which I proceeded to disassemble. I put it all back together and forgot to plug in the power cable, restarted the computer it failed to detect HDD obviously so I started fiddling with the Bios, cant remember what I'd changed had a couple of Stellas and went to bed. Having had a second look I discovered the disconnected power cable, plugged it in and rebooted. 1st I got HDD instant recovery system 6 options all gobbledygook to me, I tried them all and nothing happened. after this it goes in windows failed to start correctly with a number of options including safe mode or last known configuration that worked, or recommended start windows normally. When i try this option I get anotther screen saying checking files on C with option to wait or press any key I've tried both options and the PC just hangs and refuses to continue.

  royboxer 13:48 24 Jul 2005

I also tried reinstalling XP and got the message 29197 Mb disk0 at Id0 on bus0 on atapi(MBR) C:partition 1 (Unknown) 29188 MB (29188 MB free) unpartitioned space 8 MB
Partition is either too full, damaged,not formatted or incompatible format -Set up must format this partition, Format using (4 options) NTFS quick, FAT quick, ntfs, fat, on using any of the options the pc freezes. On restart I get the message Your partition has been modified Keep partition. Then it goes on to HDD recovery analysing disk. Option to install and keep original data Y/N I pressed y got the message Disk error press any key to reboot.

  De Marcus™ 13:50 24 Jul 2005

I would put this one down to experience and buy a new hdd. HDD's are assembled in sterile and dust free environments which are quite hard to replicate in the home.

  DieSse 14:55 24 Jul 2005

You can't disassemble a hard drive and expect it to work afterwards - at least not for long. As said above they need to be totally pollution free internally.

A particle of smoke is several times larger than the gap between the head and the platter!! - let alone the rest of the rubbish that will get in if you have removed the cover.

  Completealias 16:35 24 Jul 2005

Looks like you've killed your drive i'm afraid put this one down to experience and buy your self a new one

  Magik ®© 16:41 24 Jul 2005

yep, it will never work with biscuit crumbs in it, and the remnants of the stella's...

  Diemmess 16:52 24 Jul 2005

Guessing, but I think your experience with computers is only a few short years. Bear in mind that he who "never made a mistake never made anything"

My first HD was external to a Tandy II it was the size of an old VCR and twice as heavy. It cost more than a very good whole outfit today and stored just 4Mb.

At that time "Everybody" knew of this new Winchester technology, and how mysterious and difficult the manufacture and of the dire results to those who interfered........ Times pass and the idea of DIY repairs excludes most electronic products these days except for substitution in fault finding.

Your intentions were good, but I'm glad you were not trying to 'Help' anyone else :>)

  phono 23:38 25 Jul 2005

You should have stuck to Heineken, it refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach. ;-)

  woodchip 23:41 25 Jul 2005

Looks like ya killed it. good and proper

  squareye 23:51 25 Jul 2005

But has the noise gone?

  phono 00:06 26 Jul 2005

Just a thought, I assume you mean you actually disassembled your hard drive as opposed to opening the case, removing all the components and reassembling same!

You may all think this is a stupid question, but if I had £1 for every person who thought their hard drive was the PC case and all of its contents I could definitely retire now.

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