I seem to be getting squares instead of quotes

  Ex Cossack 15:09 27 Nov 2003

We've sorted out the Pound Sign (£) problem, now I seem to be getting Squares instead of Quote Marks (")

  Ex Cossack 15:13 27 Nov 2003

Seems to work when typing directly into PCA Forum responses. But my thread click here was typed up in Word and copied to PCA Forum.

  [email protected] E 15:38 27 Nov 2003

There was a post regarding this in the last week somthing to do with turning off a feature in word but can't remember what the feature was.

[email protected] E

  Pesala 17:03 27 Nov 2003

The forum doesn't support some ANSI characters.

145 ‘ Open single Quote

146 ’ Close single quote

147 “ Open double quote

148 ” Open double quote

149 • Bullet

Not sure about these:

128 € Euro; 153 ™ TM

© and ® seem to work OK

  Ex Cossack 17:20 27 Nov 2003

Giving this a try. Just spoken to “djohn” on the phone and have set my IE6 up the same as he has. Let’s “hope” it works.

  Ex Cossack 17:22 27 Nov 2003

Obviously it didn't. Still getting squares instead of the quote marks. So it seems like a problem between the copy and paste between Word and the PCA Forum

  Djohn 17:22 27 Nov 2003

Nope! it didn't! :o(

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