I saw another person when I took a video of myself

  Guest 1234512491 16:06 14 May 2017

Guys, first of all hello.I don't know where to talk about this and sorry if this is not really related to pc cause it's mostly network related.So, I was talking in Messenger from my phone to a friend and I sent a video of myself. I hold my finger to record and in 2 seconds Messenger or my phone froze and I had no idea if my video was sent or not.I quit and then I re-opened Messenger and I saw that I sent a video of 2 seconds, except that person was not me.It was a man, and I guessed he was looking at his phone and then he kinda moved away.The video was 2 seconds.It was not me.And I freaked out.The tempereture of my phone was high at this time and battery fell 40%.After that I closed all applications, looked through the monitor to see If someothing foreign is running in the background but it was all normal.Also all my social accounts had no weird activity but I changed my passwords just to be sure.What could possibly this be? Is it even possible????Thank you so much..

  [DELETED] 16:29 14 May 2017

No idea what hackers can do to a phone but if you don't need Bluetooth then turn that off in case someone 'paired' to it. That's all I can think of. Changing your passwords was the correct thing to do in my opinion.

  Guest 1234512491 16:35 14 May 2017

@rdave13 I never have my Bluetooth on..And I was talking to this friend through data, I had no WiFi connection..I am very careful with my phone, I have many apps for different kind of viruses and I always check what could make my CPU high..I am very freaked out.

  lotvic 17:34 14 May 2017

Perhaps the video was blurred and you just didn't recognise yourself.

Or maybe you were using the rear camera instead of the front camera and videoed someone else.

  Guest 1234512491 18:50 14 May 2017

@lotvic The video is perfectly clear and I was alone in the room. The background has nothing related to the video I was about to send..

  lotvic 19:34 14 May 2017

The plot thickens...

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