I received an interesting email this evening

  Forum Editor 00:24 29 Dec 2004

from a forum member who was nervous about posting a thread about what to him/her seemed a 'simple' problem - one that other forum members might think too elementary, and not warranting a response when there were other, more important problems to deal with.

I reassured this forum member that the opposite was true - that we were all beginners at some point, and no doubt got stuck over something that now, with the benefit of more experience, we might term 'elementary'. We're here to provide help - no matter how elementary the problem, and this email acted as a reminder that sometimes some of us might come across as being a tad impatient with newcomers to the forum. On occasion I've noticed that some people have a tendency to snigger among themselves when someone posts what seems to them to be a 'silly' question, or when someone misses something that, to an experienced computer user, is blindingly obvious.

I'm pointing a finger at nobody in particular, but I hope that perhaps all of us might take a moment to remember what it was like when we first sat in front of a keyboard and monitor and hadn't a clue what went on under the bonnet. Then perhaps we can try to be extra helpful to those among us who need our help the most.

Many thanks.

  xania 00:32 29 Dec 2004

There's no such thing as a stupid question - and noine of us know it all!

  kev.Ifty 00:56 29 Dec 2004

I have noticed one or two post's where the person has said something like " I know I'm thick" or something along the lines of "I'm not as good as you guys".

We can all be self deprecating. Some more than others ;-). But i personally try to encourage people not to think that way about themselves.

Me? I know nothing about computers except for the bits and pieces I've learnt in the past year or two. If any of my knowledge is of any use to someone, then i am 'chuffed' to be able to pass that on!!

The thing i found most surprising about being a PCA Member was that people have E-Mailed 'ME' to ask questions because they didn't want to post in the forum!!

If a person reading this now feels intimidated by all the technical stuff, don't be cos i ain't got a clue wot all this 'bios, ide, slaves and masters' stuff is either.It's all a bit strange if you ask me. Now three Card draw on Solitaire, that's complex.

Get posting U Newbies

Kev. Best Wishes

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 29 Dec 2004

Hopefully we can encourage people to learn how to help themselves.

By ask a "silly question" but get a proper answer.


  Andsome 12:28 29 Dec 2004

but I hope that perhaps all of us might take a moment to remember what it was like when we first sat in front of a keyboard and monitor and hadn't a clue what went on under the bonnet

Aw inspiring, I was scared stiff of it blowing up in my face.

  Eargasm 13:58 29 Dec 2004

I have asked some simple and sometimes stupid questions on here in my time, but have only been met with good friendly advice from forum members.

I urge new members to post on here as people will always be willing to help.

Remember however simple or trivial your question might seem, someone on here will have had the same problem at some time, and be only too glad to help.

We are all learning all the time, and this is without doubt the best forum. (why do you think we keep coming back)

  woodchip 22:21 29 Dec 2004

What I was told when I started out, is tell the person what you tried before asking what to do. Does not matter how simple but INFO helps us to sort a problem the more info the better, like First What Operating System

  Tycho 22:31 29 Dec 2004

I very rarely post answers and I have been interested in computers since I brought the school's BBC model A home on the back of my Honda 70. I still hanker after RISCOS...

I ask questions frequently and have never received anything but a courteous reply.

Is there another forum such as this? I doubt it.


  Sapins 22:46 29 Dec 2004

If everyone who asked a "silly" question had just gone away instead there would be a much smaller membership of these forums.

I might add "or posted a reply that didn't seem to make sense after reading it" as well:-(

At least ieSpell isn't complaining.

  kjrider 23:27 29 Dec 2004

Although I build my own PCs, I do forget and get caught out.

Like how do I get it to power up in safe mode???


  woodchip 00:04 30 Dec 2004

What Vog means is that we can all learn from one another

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