I really need help choosing a new graphics card!

  kyle.hall.3572 11:01 24 Oct 2013

Hi, so i recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU to some of the best stuff i could find but I've been waiting on upgrading my GTX 570, my reasoning is i have no idea when any newer £300-ish card will be released soon and if i should wait or just buy one now, with it being close to new year i am scared incase i buy one and then a new range is released soon after.

I really only want to upgrade to prepare for the likes of BF4, the Witcher 3, Dragon age 3, and other "next gen" games but i dont really follow tech news allot and would like some expert advice. I have been thinking of switching to AMD and have been looking at the re branded 7970's so i was thinking of buying a R8 280X, but when i look at comparisons the GTX770* is said to be a bit better in a few tests and is around the same price.

What do you guys think i should do, wait for newer more powerful releases at the £300 mark, or just grab myself a new 280X or a GTX 770*? As i said im not really well read up on these things and would love some proper advice, thanks in advance.

My Specs are:

AMD FX 8350 X8 core 4.ghz CPU

Nvidia GTX 570 GPU

8Gb Of DDR3 vengeance 1600+ RAM

Coolermaster 650w Power Supply

Asrock 990FX Extreme3 Socket AM3+ ATX Motherboard

  nickf 17:22 24 Oct 2013

My personal choice would be the GTX770 . Probably the best value graphics card around.

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