I rarely

  Forum Editor 23:48 03 Sep 2003

intervene in public, but on this occasion I am bound to say that I'm a tad surprised that Taran's perfectly innocuous (and helpful) response has ruffled your feathers.

Taran has been an active and helpful member of our forum community for a very long time, and countless forum users have benefited from his wealth of computing knowledge and experience. As far as I can recollect this is the very first time I have seen anyone complain about anything that Taran has said, and I'm sure that if you read his post again you'll be able to understand that it was intended to be helpful rather than patronising.

It simply isn't in Taran's nature to patronise, and frankly it's sometimes difficult to gauge the level of a forum user's expertise from a three or four line post - you told us that your level of HTML knowledge was "quite basic" and you got what I consider was sound advice - the amount of free material available on the Internet tends to make investment in even a single book a rather pointless exercise.

I do hope that you can see how you might have slightly overreacted. Taran doesn't need me to spring to his defence, but on this occasion I felt it necessary .

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