i put a series of mpegs on disc as data

  johnnyrocker 00:07 04 Jun 2004

and i could not play it on my dvd (which does normally) when i put it in my drive the info in 'my computer' was that the disk was 650 meg and 650 meg free ie empty that seems to me, when i right click and select play/autorun widows media player opens and plays the selection, a bit lost on this one folks any help appreciated.


  Charence 02:01 04 Jun 2004

You have burnt it as DATA not as DVD or VCD. The format of video is different and DVD players can not recognise data CDs.

You must burn it as a Video CD or DVD.


  stlucia 08:50 04 Jun 2004

If you've played raw MPEG files on your DVD player before, the problem may be that this time you've inadvertently burned shortcuts to the files, not the actual files.

This would explain why most of the disk is still free, and why it won't play in your player. I guess it still plays on your PC because the original MPEG files are still in the locations on your HDD that the shortcuts are pointing to.

  JayDay 09:19 04 Jun 2004

In Windows explorer examine the contents of your DVD. If they are shortcuts as suggested by stlucia the filename will be shortcut to <filename>.

  johnnyrocker 00:25 05 Jun 2004

its not a dvd i did it as data (which earlier posts have shed light on) but my query really is why does it play in windows media player when i try on pc and plays nowhere else? previous disks run in the same way play no prob


  stlucia 08:26 05 Jun 2004

Your original post says that on your PC the disk shows as "650 meg free ie empty". What does Windows Explorer tell you is on it? Are there any shortcuts, or MPEGs, or absolutely nothing?

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