I put a larger hard drive in and removed the small

  andy63walsh 16:07 03 Feb 2006

I put a larger hard drive in my tower and removed the smaller ones, how do I put XP on it, all I have put on so far is ms-dos version 6.22.
What can I do next do you think ?

  andy63walsh 16:14 03 Feb 2006

Hi, I have xp pro, full version. If I put it in the drives noting happens though ?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:19 03 Feb 2006

Windows XP Professional Install, Reinstall, upgrade, parallel install, and compatibility
click here

  andy63walsh 16:22 03 Feb 2006

I think I need full help, I can get into the bios by hitting delete and I guess change stuff there ?

  andy63walsh 16:25 03 Feb 2006

Its a phoenixBIOS setup utility bios, It says on the BOOT part that the first boot device is atapi cd-rom drive, third boot is hard drive

  andy63walsh 16:29 03 Feb 2006

I have a dvd rom and cd-rom in the pc also, the light come on but I'm not sure they are working ?

  andy63walsh 16:35 03 Feb 2006

All I'm getting is the C:\> prompt when i reboot with disk in or out ?

  andy63walsh 16:49 03 Feb 2006

That doesn't work either, jst put windows 98 disk in nd booted, that works, but xp won't, what's this all about ?

  andy63walsh 17:13 03 Feb 2006

I've managed to get windows 98 in, but I really want to put the xp in. when I now go to c: properties it says the drive is 1.99gb, but on the label on the drive it says its 20 gb.

  andy63walsh 17:42 03 Feb 2006

I've managed to start loading xp now, maybe it was just an upgrade.
Still odd how the pc thinks it's only 1.99gb though ?

  andy63walsh 09:36 04 Feb 2006

thanks, I'll try maxor blast

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