I prefer

  Forum Editor 23:13 26 Jun 2003

the non-background version.

The layout is a standard one, and pretty safe - you'll see it, or something almost identical on thousands of sites. The navigation looks OK, but as virtually none of the links work you aren't likely to get much by way of consructive criticism on the ease of use.

You don't have to make a copyright claim (your copyright automatically exists in law from the moment you publish the site) but if you are going to make a claim you should include the year date. If copyright is something that particularly concerns you because of the nature of the site content you might want to institute a copyright date-stamping procedure. Each time you make changes to the content save them (the changed pages) to a CD. The files will be date-stamped, and you can use the CD archive as an audit trail in the event of any disputes. I routinely do this on all the sites I design amd maintain for clients, and it has paid off on more than one occasion.

In the case of really sensitive data you can mail a CD copy of the site/pages to yourself by special delivery and keep the sealed envelope. Nobody can argue about dates in that situation.

There's a distinct, and very noticeable lack of colour on the site - at least as it stands now there is. It makes the whole page look uninviting and washed out. I note that you say there'll be images in the content, and that may well be your saving grace - there's certainly not much eye-appeal in it at the moment.

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