i pod only works when modem is disconnected

  Rhuddlan 00:13 24 Jan 2005

When I connect my i pod to the comp, it doesn't appear in my computer or in i tunes. But when I took the modem out today, to put something else in it's place, everthing worked fine, the i pod appeared in both my computer and i tunes. I have Wanadoo Broadband with a speedtouch modem, with the lastes drivers and windows xp home sp2, any ideas on how I don't have to disconnect my modem to get my i pod to work? Are they any known conflict issues with these devices?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:28 24 Jan 2005

Sounds like you can't power both - if you got a powered USB hub it should work ok.

(If your modem is not USB then there goes that theory...)

  Rhuddlan 10:33 24 Jan 2005

Hi there, my mode is USB, it worked fine when I first got the i pod a few weeks ago, but only the past few days it has been like this, thanks for the help anyway.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:50 24 Jan 2005

HAve you anything else in a USB port which may be taking power and was not there initially?

  Rhuddlan 10:53 24 Jan 2005

List of USB devices:-

*Mouse and sometimes my digital camera or my joystick.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:57 24 Jan 2005

Will the iPod work with any of these disconnected and the modem connected, or is it only the modem causing a problem?

  Rhuddlan 13:29 24 Jan 2005

I'm not sure, but won't it cause damage to the device if I take out a USB port all the time? I would prefer to take out the webcam if I had to choose a device to remove, thanks for the help.

  Rhuddlan 19:23 24 Jan 2005

Trouble is my webcam is at the front of the pc and the i pod won't fit in that slot. I have an external usb hub on the back of the comp, but again as three of these four ports are already taken, the i pod can't it into the spare one, please someone I need some help, I have spent a lot of money on this i pod and want it to work correctley.

  Rhuddlan 23:24 24 Jan 2005

Has anyone any more ideas on this?

  Chezdez 23:27 24 Jan 2005

you could get a USB extension cord, these don't cost much, you should be able to pick one up from your local computer shop

then it just run it from the spare slot at the back round to the front

  Rhuddlan 23:29 24 Jan 2005

Have already got one

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