i pod and ME o/s

  Mr Beaujangles 16:04 26 Dec 2005

Afternoon all and a merry xmas to you too!
I bought my son an iPod nano for his Xmas but didn't think to check out what o/s it needed (I know - dummy comes nowhere near to describing my intellectual incapacity!). The Nano needs either XP or 2000 to function but I only have windows ME (I've hung on to it becuase I was lucky enough to have a stable version). Apart from buying a copy of XP or 2000, is there any way to get around this using ME?
I'd really appreciate any help on this one folks as my young un aint getting any pleasure from his pressy until I resolve this.


  MAJ 16:51 26 Dec 2005

Try Xplay click here Mr Beaujangles.

  MidgetMan 17:36 26 Dec 2005

or real player, it can be done but a bit of a pain, click here

  Mr Beaujangles 14:07 27 Dec 2005

Hi MAJ, thanks for the link - I have downloaded XPLAY and followed the instructions to download a codec and WinRar to open and install the codec but I keep getting a message to say:- The File "LAME-ACM.xml" was not found. Windows needs the disk "LAME MP3 install disk" to continue. This disk may be supplied by your computer or device manufacturer. I have tried using the disk supplied with the iPod but no luck. Any suggestions?

Midgetman: thanks for your link also. I downloaded the Yamipod software from that link but keep getting a file failure message whenever I try to open that. I can see it being Real Player next!

many thanks guys - keep the ideas coming please


  sharkfin 14:24 27 Dec 2005

A saviour for those with Ipods and No wonXp or 2000.

Download the free winamp player from Winamp.com and Download the Ml_Ipod Plugin from click here

  Mr Beaujangles 19:28 27 Dec 2005

Hi Sharkfin, good links there - but they haven't solved my problems. Winamp is working fine and the link to the iPod is there now but the transfer speed of 1 kb/second is just a tad too slow for me. I think the problem lies with the fact it is USB1.1s on my system. Ah well, looks like it's time for a new computer after all - unless someone out there has some super scheme for getting the transfer rate up without moving to USB2s?

Cheers guys, it's not been a waste of time - inf act I've had a good laugh trying to get my head round this one.



  Mr Beaujangles 22:14 28 Dec 2005

Okay guys - I take it no-one has any super schemes to solve this one so----------- the angst begins! What new computer do I buy? It's okay mods - I'll start a new thread he he he he he.



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