i Pod help please

  StellaArtois63 09:41 05 Dec 2007

I wanted to buy another Creative MP3 player as I have been used to using them. Unfortunately the one I want is no longer in stock so I am thinking of buying an ipod. I know I can only download itunes, but I was wondering with the 12000 songs I already have on my PC will they be able to d/load or will I have to change them or re-record them to ipod software.

  User-1159794 13:53 05 Dec 2007

I'm interested to the answer to this question.

  Why wont it work 14:01 05 Dec 2007

It depends upon how your current songs are encoded. iPods accept AAC and MP3... if your songs are MP3 you can simply import them into iTunes and drag them onto your iPod. If your collection is in another format such as WMA then iTunes can still import them but will have to re-code them into MP3 or AAC- for 12,000 songs that would probably be an over night job even on a quick pc though!

  ambra4 14:30 05 Dec 2007

Don’t be fools by apple about the iPod, itunes is just the software to access the iPod it is just a other Mp3 player you can add, delete, any Mp3 songs no matter where you download it from, so all your 12000 songs that you have can be added to the itunes music directory.

If you don’t want to use itunes you can use this program to transfer your music to the ipod

vPod Music iPod Transfer Software

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You can also check out this site

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  StellaArtois63 16:22 06 Dec 2007

Thank you for your help it is much apreciated, I will now buy the ipod happy to know I can just use all the songs that are on my pc.

  gycafesor 06:44 16 May 2008

You needn't download itunes, there is the free ipod music transfer you can use to transfer music between ipod and computer.click here

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