I Pad cannot find my location

  popgeoff 15:00 04 Nov 2014

Used iPad and iPad Mini in California with no problems identifying my location. Returned to UK and find that my location cannot be found. Did the same trip last year with no problems on return.Maps seems to think I am still in USA. Tried various forums and suggestions to no avail,. Any thoughts please.

  Zak 16:18 04 Nov 2014

Is this on WiFi? Try resetting the Network Connection settings.

  Zak 16:20 04 Nov 2014

Add Have you also tried hard reset? Try that after Network Connection reset if still not working.

  john bunyan 16:45 04 Nov 2014

I found that function has had a problem since the Ios 8.1 update. A Iphone 4s still shows OK - still on Ios 7; the iPad says "no Location available" but it has the same settings as before.

  popgeoff 18:26 04 Nov 2014

Zak. Yes it is on wi-fi. John Bunyan. Same here on iPhone that's fine. Wife's iPad mini on os 7.1 is partially ok but opens up in Palm Springs California in Google Maps. My iPad using Maps opens up in Calgary Alberta. Never been there !! I did a reset which made no difference. Flummoxed !

  john bunyan 19:01 04 Nov 2014


Yes, same here on Google maps since Ios 8.1 on I pad. Hope they sort it out - I tried all the usual of turning off etc.

  popgeoff 13:10 05 Nov 2014

Hi Woolwell. I tried rebooting a couple of times over the last 7 days to no avail. Just did another reboot and , Hey Presto Maps found mu location. Google Maps and Flight Radar 24 still cannot locate me but we seem to be getting there. Thanks.

  popgeoff 15:34 05 Nov 2014

Oh Dear Back to the drawing board. It has reverted to being unable to find my location ! Getting ridiculous.

  john bunyan 16:17 05 Nov 2014

I have tried everything on the iPad; Today it successfully updated to Ios 8.0.2. I turned off locations, turned it off and on then reset location. I have a good Netgear router , get a download of 8mbps and Wi Fi is good with no diminution of speed. I did hear somewhere, that Apple somehow has to "learn" where the router is. I will try the I Pad somewhere else when I go out and ask someone with an I phone to use my wi Fi to , maybe, "teach" Apple where I am - although all was fine until the Ios 8 update. Date/ Time settings all OK. It used to show position in Google Maps - not now. The warning bleep sounds when pressed.

  john bunyan 16:38 05 Nov 2014

Having tried more things, in Apple Maps it shows now, but 100m North in a neighbours property - as it does in Find My Iphone. Moving in the right direction, at least. Same location shown in Google Maps.

  popgeoff 10:56 09 Nov 2014

Getting there !

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